Today I attended a short 3 hour climbing course with a friend of mine. When it comes to climbing I’m a total newbie, tried it maybe three times before. Just enough to know it can be fun and that I’m not very good at it 😅

I’ve been pondering whether attend the course or not for about half a year and now was a good time for it. I’m not in a middle of very focused or demanding training period and I felt like this could be a good addition to my training. My weak arms and core will benefit for sure!

River crossing Various walls I didn’t even try yet

The course wasn’t a climbing technique course but pretty much all about belaying. The indoor climbing arena is right across our office so it’s very convenient for me to visit. The course includes entrance fees for a month and climbing gear and shoes for that time.

I’ve been a bit busy with life (or just tired) and been skipping runs way more than normally. I’m not too stressed about it as long as I get back on track soon.