The NUTS 300 is still far away in the future but the time is ticking and we are getting closer day by day. As it’s not something to train for only the previous weekend I thought it could be a good idea to make a monthly status update on how the training has been going. As an introductory offer the first monthly status update covers not just one but two months!

To sum it up the year has started pretty well and I’m happy with my progress. Total running distance is slightly up from previous years, pretty much where I feel I should be at this point of time. Training has been consistent, a plenty of easy runs and slowly getting the mileage up.

Weekly totals have been around 100 km with the last two weeks around 120 km. Mid January I had a lower mileage (40 km) week when we were traveling and I skipped some runs. Whenever I break my daily routine for any reason I find it harder to keep up with the training plan. Partly because I might have less time or energy for running but mostly because I feel uncomfortable taking the time from something or someone else. Something I could to work on but anyway a 40% week every now and then won’t be a problem either, just call it easy week and carry on.


I’ve been very motivated to train, I think the increase in daylight hours is helping a lot. I’ve been running most of my faster runs on a treadmill though so I don’t have to worry about slippery roads or cold weather. The trick to make treadmill tuns bearable was Netflix 🙂 Now with the new corona restrictions I have my gym on pause for a while. I also started to run all the streets in Helsinki but more about that next time!

Recently the only sports I’ve done is running and I’d like to add some bouldering and easy strength training for next month.

January stats

  • Distance 424.10 km
  • Elevation 2,221 m
  • Time 39:20:05

February stats

  • Distance 462.09 km
  • Elevation 3,856 m
  • Time 42:35:57