Yay, got a new record for a running distance in month! πŸŽ‰ Getting closer to 500km month, partly thanks to generous 31 day month πŸ™‚ Last month I was running alone more than usually and started to miss running with other people. I don’t mind running alone but I do miss some company, especially on the long runs. Luckily this month has been a bit better with that.

TΓΆΓΆlΓΆ It was cool to see five snow plows riding back-to-back but happier now with the snow gone

Weekly distances were around 120km with the exception of one easier week with 87km. Around the middle of the month training wasn’t as fun as normally and I felt slightly weaker. I could have pushed on and I might have been okay but I wanted to make sure I stay healthy so an easy week it was. The easy week was still so-and-so but after things got back to normal again. With Strava and social media in general it’s sometimes too easy to start comparing your training with that of others. Should I be putting more kilometres in, am I missing out something by not doing whatever that other person is doing? When I see myself doing this I try to check if what I’m doing is serving the purpose I’m training for, am I having fun (for the most part!) doing it and is it sustainable.

In other news, I’m really happy about the better running conditions with no snow and nicer temperatures. Also the Nuuksio Pikkujoulu-Ultra signup has begun and last year was such a blast so I signed-up again as I didn’t want to miss it! It’s a backyard ultra-ish fun event with a set maximum number of loops (hence, not a backyard ultra). Do sign-up before it’s sold out πŸ™‚


So how I did do with the goal to “add some bouldering and easy strength training”? Not great. Actually, did none of that. Zero. Bouldering is still a bit tricky due the Covid-19 restrictions but any strength training I can do at home I should start now. That will be the goal for this month (too). I hope I won’t copy paste this paragraph on my next report.

March stats

  • Distance 483.15 km
  • Elevation 5,336 m
  • Time 45:56:30