Last year and the year before that I had clearly defined goals for each year. First my fastest marathon and then the UTTF last year. In 2020 I feel like taking a bit different road. (Different trail?) The only goal at the moment is to run new trails & races and see new places. I love the ones I’ve done in the recent years (like pretty much anything by NUTS) but at the same time I feel like trying something new.

With that in mind the first race of the year will be the Trans Gran Canaria 128km in about two weeks. I’ve heard good things about the race, the island looks beautiful and I have no other races around that time. It will be my first TGC and first visit in Gran Canaria so I can’t wait to get there! I’m happy to travel & run there with a small group of friends (and fellow vegan runners).

As a part of the sign up process I had to provide a medical certificate. This is normal procedure in some countries but first time for me. I assumed it would be a 10min chat with a doctor but ended up being a two week journey after hearing heart murmurs at the first appointment. Luckily it got diagnosed and turned out to be nothing to worry about at the moment and, doesn’t affect my performance either. Just a couple of days before the deadline I finally submitted the medical certificate and now I’m good to go!

My training hasn’t been optimal but not a disaster either. A bit less running than I planned and not enough hill work. With 7,500m of positive elevation it will a challenge for sure! I try not to stress about it too much and train better for the next race, what ever that will be.

Btw. I have the GPS tracking by the race organisers so you’ll be able to follow my race in real time. If following a slowly moving dot on a map is your thing be sure to check it out 🙂